“bASic Stem compETences for migrantS” (ASSETS), is a 24-months Strategic Partnership in the Field of Adult Education,

“bASic Stem compETences for migrantS” (ASSETS), is a 24-months Strategic Partnership in the Field of Adult Education, aims at promoting and developing relevant and high-quality skills and competences related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) for migrants, who pursue to promote their career in relevant job positions, either as employees or self-employed. Moreover, ASSETS promotes social inclusion of migrants in EU countries by empowering them to enter the job market through newly acquired competencies.

Our Partners


Lykia Scouting and Nature Sports Club Association ( LIDOSK) is a non-profit and non-political organization.


ArtSmart is an SME having an international experience in providing project design, research and training to public and private organisations.


Abrazo House is an educational project located in the Aras Valley, Voto. Cantabria, northern Spain. Since 2006, hundreds of volunteers from all over the world have come here to get their hands dirty and to learn about ecology, natural building and sustainable living.

Mine Vaganti NGO

Mine Vaganti NGO is a no-profit organisation born in Sardinia in 2009. MVNGO has offices in Sassari, Sennori, Tempio Pausania, Vicenza e Berlino and is part of 3 international networks such as YEE, ISCA and MV International.

Innovation Frontiers

Innovation Frontiers IKE is an innovative educational technology & research company that specializes in creating educational, engaging, and entertaining learning experiences that incorporate innovation, creativity, and gamification to enhance flow for learners.

Comparative Research Network

The Comparative Research Network (CRN – www.crnonline.de) was founded in 2007 and worked since then in the field of non-formal adult, youth and VET education and research.

Intellectual Outputs

Intellectual Output 1

“Migrants and STEM” Training Format

Intellectual Output 2:

“Enhancing migrants through STEM competence” platform

Meetings and Trainings

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